How do I join?

You can apply to join online or download the Membership Application Form from our website, print and fill out, sign and return through the post. Alternatively, you can scan your completed form and email to [email protected]

NOTE: Please check that you are currently enrolled on the Australian Electoral Roll and your address details are current by going to https://check.aec.gov.au/ 

Why do you need my personal information exactly as it appears on the Australian Electoral Roll?

The membership list is checked against the Electoral Roll as required by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). When we register the party, the AEC conducts a membership testing process and will randomly contact 50 members to confirm membership of the party.

Will my personal information be kept private?

Yes, please see the Privacy Policy on our website.

Is there a membership fee to join?

Membership is free until we are registered as a political party. After that, the annual membership fee is $10.

What is required of me as a member?

Nothing more is required but you can volunteer to help out. The most important thing you could do is spread the word so we can recruit as many members as possible. You have entitlements as a member, please see our Constitution.

Can I be a member of another political party and still join the NO5G party?

Yes, you can be a member of more than one political party at the same time.

What happens after I apply for membership?

All membership applications will be checked to ensure we are compliant with Australian Electoral Commission requirements. You will be contacted by one of our Committee members during the vetting process to confirm your membership application.

Do you have information about the risks associated with 5G and related technologies that I can give to uninformed people?

We will soon. The Resources section on our website will be updated with information and evolve over time.

Why a single-issue party?

Being a single-issue party is our greatest strength because we can focus on what needs to be done. The deployment, adoption, and application of 5G in Australia is extremely broad and will impact many areas of our lives. Our Policy areas, include electromagnetic radiation on human health, the environment, and property. This will also include the impact on our security, privacy, and human rights. We can adopt other policies outside of the electromagnetic radiation issue, as we evolve. For more clarification, please read the President’s letter.

Is NO5G Inc. affiliated or working with any other political parties?


Will the NO5G party unite with other small parties?

We are open to working with other parties to achieve common goals. Once elected, we can consider forming a coalition with other like-minded political parties.

How can I best support NO5G Inc to officially register a political party?

You can help by becoming a member and encouraging others to join to enable us to register a new political party with the Australian Electoral Commission.

On our Resources page you can download printable flyers and the Membership Application Form to hand out to people, and Memes to post to social media.

How can I share the formation of the NO5G party on social media?

Simply download our Memes available under Resources. Alternatively, use our safe link www.tinyurl.com/safetechnology in your social media posts and that will take people to our website.

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