ABOUT NO5G Inc. – Join Our New NO5G Political Party


NO5G Inc. aims to form a new political party to be registered as the NO5G Party. The NO5G Inc. needs 550 members for registration purposes. Once registered our goal is to increase membership to over 55,000 to become the largest political party in Australia. Please join us to make our homes, our community and our planet a much safer place to live.

Our objective is to promote precautionary legislative schemes, laws and policies to regulate 5G and associated technologies, and to establish a moratorium until such technologies are proven safe to human health, flora, fauna and property.

To achieve our objectives, the NO5G party will recruit, nominate and endorse candidates for elected public office in Commonwealth, State and Territory parliaments, and Local Government bodies in all Australian jurisdictions.

Please join us, become a member of NO5G Inc. to protect our planet.


NO5G Inc is a group of caring people who are educated about the dangers of 5G and will call for a moratorium. We feel the best way to protect people and the environment is to make constructive changes to the law ensuring that 5G and other potentially hazardous technologies are safe – a political party is the most effective way to do this. Once NO5G Inc. has 550 members we will apply to register as a political party, the NO5G Party.

Thousands of people in Australia have joined grassroot groups, held protests, written letters to the media, made and uploaded films, given lectures and presented to local councils yet still 5G is being relentlessly rolled out with absolutely no safety testing and without the consent of the people. 

No 5G protest at Sydney Town Hall

Stop 5G Sydney Protest at Town Hall, 25th January 2020. Photo: Steve Galvin.


Our beautiful planet and the precious life upon it is under attack by man-made contaminants like never before. The telecommunication and wireless industry deploys a Class 2B possible carcinogen (as classified by the World Health Organisation) via WiFi, mobile phone towers and supporting technologies across the whole planet. Further, the deployment of over 60,000 satellites into space will beam electromagnetic radiation via 5G upon the entire global eco-system.

We stand for making changes to protect all life and the environment from harmful man-made non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and to protect our freedom from technocracy.

NO5G Inc. will be looking at making our planet safer. For more information see our Policies.


The office bearers of the Association are:-
President – Raymond Broomhall
Vice President – Lesley Kinney
Secretary – Enca Crosbie
Treasurer – Menkit Prince
Public Officer – Nick Manevski
The ordinary committee members are Mike Grant, Jolanta Gallagher and Dave Bourke and Daniel Taylor. 

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