Dear friends and colleagues,

Exciting news!

We have registered an association and put mechanisms in place to form the first sole NO5G political party in the world, right here in Australia.

On behalf of our committee, I invite you to join us by becoming a member.


The objective of NO5G Inc. is to promote legislative schemes, laws and policies to regulate 5G and associated technology and to establish a moratorium on 5G until such technologies are proven safe to human health, flora, fauna and property. To achieve the said objective, it will do so by recruiting membership, registering a new political party, and nominating and endorsing candidates for elected public office in Commonwealth, State and Territory parliaments, and Local Government bodies in all Australian jurisdictions.

550 members required to form party

To form our new political party, we need your support. We need 550 people to become members of our registered association called NO5G Inc. Before joining us, the 550 people will need to check that they are enrolled on the Australian Electoral Roll. You can check if you are currently enrolled by accessing this link Once we have obtained 550 members, we will submit these names to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) along with an application to register the NO5G Party. The 550 members will need to be available by phone or email during the registration process. It is a requirement that the AEC contact at random 50 members out of the 550 for confirmation of membership with us.

Click here to join us.

Largest political party in Australia

Once registered, our goal is to make the NO5G Party the largest political party in Australia. How can this be obtained you may ask? There are many supporters on various social media sites throughout Australia concerning 5G, Smart meters, mobile base station towers, Wi-Fi in schools, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and the like. It is clear that more people are becoming educated and concerned about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Our research indicates that in Australia approximately 150,000 people (and growing daily) are current members of social media groups on this very subject and it is reported that 1 in 8 Australians are concerned about purported links between COVID-19 and 5G.1 The rollout of 5G has become one of the most controversial issues on this planet.

If we could recruit just 54,000 members from the 150,000, we would become the largest political party in Australia and with these numbers OUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD. The membership of the Australian Labor Party is reported as being 53,550.2 The Australian Liberal Party 50,000 members.3 The Australian Greens have been reported as having 15,000 members.4 One Nation 5,000.5 Imagine recruiting the entire 150,000, the possibilities would be endless.

If we manage to get over 54,000 members, the other political parties will take notice of what we are sharing and promoting. We predict that the major parties such as the ALP or the Australian Liberal Party will take our concerns seriously and will adopt some or all of our policies to erode our membership base and popularity. We predict that laws will change to ensure that the precautionary principle will prevail, in that only technology that has certainty as being safe to health (human, flora and fauna) and privacy is promoted in this country.

NO5G Party and the media

In the last few years 5G has become a hot topic world-wide. Millions of people are now educated as to the dangerous electromagnetic radiation emitted from unsafe technology that we are or will be exposed to 24/7. When voters go to the ballot box, they will see the nominated abbreviated names of the parties on the voting ticket. Parties can have 4 letters or numerals or less to abbreviate the party name. For example, ALP, LIB, ONP, whilst we will have NO5G on the voting ticket. Our abbreviated name says it all, subliminally voters will see NO5G on the ballot paper and if they have been educated as to the dangers of 5G they will more than likely give us their primary vote or at the very least give us their preference vote.

Further, most of our publicity would be carried out by social media instead of the mainstream media such as commercial television and radio. We expect that mainstream media will not promote our party and will do their best to ridicule and destroy our party as they have a vested financial interest. They do not want restrictions on their broadcasting capability because they use electromagnetic radiation (microwaves) along with telecommunication companies and the like. Thus, social media is the most effective way to go for us. For example, at present on the internet there are over 250 Australian EMR awareness social media accounts and sites, with over 150,000 members and many thousands of followers raising and sharing 5G awareness. Worldwide there are many thousands of these sites.

Why a single issue party?

Yes, 5G is a single issue party, it’s really about promoting safe technology and restricting unsafe technology. If we get elected and become a force in this country, we can simply change our name and adopt other policies outside of the electromagnetic radiation issue. For example, some years ago in Australia there was a ‘No Dams’ campaign. The Franklin Dam or Gordon-below-Franklin Dam project was a proposed dam on the Gordon River in Tasmania, Australia. The movement that eventually led to the project’s cancellation became one of the most significant environmental campaigns in Australian history.

The campaign that followed led to the consolidation of the small green movement that had been born out of the campaign against the building of three dams on Lake Pedder in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Over the five years between the announcement of the dam proposal in 1978 and the axing of the plans in 1983, there was vigorous debate between the pro- and anti-dam lobbies, with large protests from both sides. During 1982, active membership of anti-dam organisations increased a hundredfold in mainland states. The iconic ‘No Dams’ triangle sticker was printed.  Rallies and events were held in cities around Australia. Bob Brown toured the country raising support for the anti-dam campaign, attempting to convince Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser to intervene and override the state legislation allowing the dam’s construction. On 5 March 1983, the Australian Labor Party won the federal election with a large swing. The new prime minister of Australia, Bob Hawke, had vowed to stop the dam from being built, and the anti-dam vote increased Hawke’s majority6.

The ‘No Dams’ campaign being a single issue movement morphed into the successful political party called the Australian Greens led by Bob Brown.

Also, there was the successful single issue ‘No Pokies’ campaign. No Pokies was an independent South Australian Legislative Council ticket that ran upper house candidates at the 1997, 2002 and 2006 state elections by Barrister Nick Xenophon. Poker machines or “pokies” are the Australian version of slot machines. It was replaced by the Nick Xenophon Team in 2013.

The NO5G logo

Our logo is distinct and instantly recognisable, it is a red circle with a single cross and a black 5G in the centre. Recognised throughout the world as a movement against unsafe technology. This logo will be used on the ballot paper at the polling booth once we become registered as a party. Compare our logo with the No Dams logo. Then the No Dams logo morphed into the Australian Greens logo. The NO5G logo is instantly recognisable in today’s world and conveys our cause simply and effectively.

Please join our wonderful team, become a member of NO5G Inc. Membership application is available here. Your membership will assist in making our homes, our community, and our planet a much safer place to live.

Let’s get this party started and join us to protect life and protect freedom.

Ray Broomhall

President – NO5G Inc.

30 May 2020



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